Calling all NFL die-hards, NCAA college football fans, sport fanatics, social athletes looking to have a good time and anyone interested in learning a new sport activity!

We currently offer the only social Flag Gridiron comp in Sydney. It runs all year around, and attracts a few people who grew up playing it in North America, but also tons of people who are new, and want to try something different. Once you learn the basics, you will become addicted to this strategic, team-oriented game.  And if that’s not incentive enough, here’s a few things you get when you sign up to play Flag Gridiron with Urban Rec: 

QuestionTWO DEDICATED URBAN REC STAFF: Every league has a dedicated League Manager, and Event Host. If you are new to the sport, you can expect some coaching tips, and support as you or your team learn the basics. Your League Manager will ensure your season is a second-to-none experience.

ClubhouseAWESOME PRIZES FOR WINNING TEAMS: Our season Champions are awarded the coveted Champion Singlets. But the most recreational team get a prize too. Scoring high in Rec Points, means your team can win big at the bar. Plus we throw around some additional prizes to worthy candidates.

ClubhousePOST GAME PUB DEALS: We have negotiated deals on food & drink at various venues across Sydney. Checkout our Clubhouses page to view the deals, and your nearest Clubhouse. This is just one of the perks of being a Member. We hand-pick and taste-test, the best venue for you.

ClubhouseSEASON ENDER PARTIES & TOURNAMENTS: At the end of season, we host a mini tournament for all of our teams. You can choose to come along, win some prizes, have some fun, and socialise with other team mates afterwards at the Clubhouse.

ACCESS TO SOCIAL AND SUBS FB GROUPS: If you need a sub for the week, or even if you are looking for extra games, you can find people, and play sports for free by using our Subs Page in Facebook. If you want to get more social, and join our active events, you get full access too.

Below is a list of the upcoming leagues, and locations. Click through to learn more about other cool things we offer as part of our league nights!